When I think back, I can remember that I have always had this special tone inside me.

A mood or state that has followed me ever since my childhood.
When I play and write my music, it is an experience of expressing this something, lying deep in me, but that also seems to be coming from another place.
It is on the one hand a very natural part of me and on the other hand something that has nothing to do with me personally.

My personal life journey has been about acknowledging this voice inside me and developing the courage and trust to express this subtle but vast part of my being.

Making my music gives me a sense of deep meaning and necessity.
An experience of – that I do what I came here to do!

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy the music.

Love Kristian

Kristian Thorsager is a Danish singer/songwriter who works in several traditions.
He writes his own songs with English lyrics, and at the same time he is rooted in the ancient yoga practice of Sanskrit Mantra singing.
He has released albums in both traditions.
He has also released two albums with relaxing/meditative music called “Nothing but Peace” and “Beyond”.

The music of Kristian Thorsager is a real treat for the soul.

A rare voice of longing and devotion.

He takes the listener on a journey through the landscapes of a hidden world.

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  1. Dilani says:

    HI! From somewhere I got your song open heart. I listened to it repeatedly but couldn’t catch up all lyrics. It’s beautiful music. Thank you

    • Kristian says:

      Dear Dilani.
      I am so happy to hear that you enjoy “Open heart”
      Here are the lyrics 🙂
      All the best.

      Open heart

      Tell me no lies
      and I´ll stay for a while
      I´ve wasted so much time
      – at least so it seems

      So there it is
      all my true beliefs
      my reason have fought them hard
      along the way

      I´ll go with my heart open
      I´ll go with my eyes shut
      I´ll go with my heart open
      to love you for good

      Tell me no lies
      and I´ll stay by your side
      nothing is ever wasted
      just leading here

      So here we are again
      just us and the world
      lets get love out of it
      while we are here

      Dreams will fade
      with too much sense
      dreams will fade away

      Dreams are alive
      to save our tears
      dreams won´t save our souls

  2. Jørgen Toft says:

    Kæreste Kristian
    Din musik er den smukkeste jeg i dette liv har hørt og følt. Din musik er den, jeg har hørt, når mit legeme og min urolige sjæl, har råbt om ro, stihed og eftertænksomhed.
    Din musik giver mig sjælsro, så mit legme bedre kan heale.
    Jeg takker fra mit dybste indre, for din gudsbenåde musik, der har givet mig meget mere, end disse fattige ord kan beskrive.Tror først , når vi en dag mødes, hinsides denne fysiske verden, du vil forstå min taknemmelighed.

    At hjertet tak du smukke sjæl. Må din vej blive belyst med stor visdom og kærlighed

  3. Ines Hannemann says:


    I Cant give it Info words
    Whats birthing while im hearing Your song
    Im Shanti bhagawan

    Deep Grace
    With Love from Berlin


  4. Heidi Neeto Andersen says:

    Tak til “Nothing But Peace” der støttende har holdt rummet for en fase af overgang i mig imod personlig frihed. Den “stemme” du Kristian har mod og tillid til at lade strømme igennem dig, møder og vækker den større dybde af sandhed i mig, – den vi alle ved er der, når vi roligt og nærværende “for lov” at lytte og sanse. Cd’en “gav mig lov” til denne ro imod frisættelse, og “Nothing But Peace” titlen kan ikke være smukkere og mere beskrevende. Tak. Heidi Neeto.

  5. Duarte says:

    Thank you for your music who uplift my soul.

    I use them in meditation alone and with other people.

    Please continue

    Om shanti and namaste for you


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