For booking and questions:

Kristian Thorsager
P.D. Løvs alle´7,
2200 Copenhagen N


Mobile Phone (and Mobile pay): +45 61854480

My personal profile on Facebook

Kristian Thorsager Musics site on Facebook


Banking info (Denmark):

Lån og Spar Bank

0400 4023307575


Banking info (international):

Lån og Spar Bank

IBAN    DK1404004023307575 

2 Responses to Contact

  1. Kerri Gibbs says:

    Kristian’s music and voice carries with it such devotion and love, clearly from the source within and his blessed experience.
    I am a portrait painter and many of my subjects require me to access that source. Kristian’s music and rendition of chants takes me there. I am very grateful for his inspired creations.

  2. Eduardo Drivon says:

    I hope that in some special place in your heart you feel the swell of recognition, that your music placed something good and worthwhile in the world. That, perhaps, you were the vehicle of a transmission of sounds that could be heard when we most need to feel joy, when we need connection with divine source, and especially when we doubt that the core of life is good. Namaste.

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