The Mantras


My new mantra album


OM Bhagavan from the album Tribute


Track list:

01 Om Bhagavan

02 Nehwey Sibyanak

03 Hari Bol

04 Peace Mantra

05 Om Namo Satchitananda

06 Om Shiva

07 Jaya Jaya Vitthala

08 Shivaya Namah Om

09 Peace Mantra – slow version

Falling Into Grace

Sanskrit Mantras for Yoga and Meditation

Kristian Cover final

Patita Pavana Sitaram – from the album Falling into Grace


Track list:

01 Patita Pavana Sitaram

02 Narayana

03 Om Gam Gana Pataye Namaha

04 Om Namah Shivaya (Shuddha Bilaval Rag)

05 Guru Brahma

06 Purnamadah

07 Om Shanti Bhagavan

08 Om Namah Shivaya IV

09 Moola Mantra


Moments of Silence

A blend of songs and three Om Namah Shivaya Mantras

Moments of silence cover til itunes, kristian thorsager

Om Namah Shivaya II


Track list:

01 Moments of Silence

02 Heavenly peace

03 Glory days

04 All answers lie in your Silence

05 Sacred Reunion

06 Moments of Truth

07 Intermezzo

08 Om Namah Shivaya I

09 Om Namah Shivaya II

10 Om namah Shivaua III


Om Bhagavan Nityananda Bhagavan from the album “Tribute”.


A video of “Narayana”  –  from the album “Falling into Grace”.


6 Responses to The Mantras

  1. Anando W. Grau says:

    Hi Kristian
    I only saw your message now and thought you were writing to me on my email.
    If it is possible that you burn the CD’s for me yourself, this would be awesome!
    Please write me what amount you want for and where I can deposit it.
    Then you can send the CD’s to me to Switzerland.
    Here is my address:
    Anando W. Grau
    Augustin Kellerstrasse 4
    5600 Lenzburg
    I greet you from heart to heart

  2. Андрей says:

    Hi Christian.
    Wonderful performance. They have the power to immerse in and call bhava to God. The last time I was so amazed by Krishna Das was 18 years ago. I also sing mantras and bhajans. I wish you success in creativity and knowledge of God. Be happy! If you can tell me where you can download your albums Falling into Grace, Tribute,


  3. Anando W. Grau says:

    Hello Kristian.
    I would like very much to order some CD from you, especially the one with the wonderful song Narayana! I would like to order these directly from you to support you. Unfortunately I found no way to do this on your web side. What do you suggest.
    I live in Switzerland and also play and compose mantra songs by myself with my Harmonium and I am always fascinated how they lead me into the depths of my heart.
    Cordially Anando

    • Kristian says:

      Hi Anando.
      No, I don´t have cds on my website – since most people don´t buy cds anymore.
      But I would gladly burn cds for you myself, and send to you – if you are interested?
      Just tell me what cds to burn. 🙂
      I am glad that you like Narayana – and that you enjoy chanting as well! 🙂
      Kind regards Kristian

      • Thea says:

        Kristian, hello….
        Your music touches me so deeply, and some of the mantra’s are daily on repeat. Also I would like to support you by bying your CDs. Please can you burn them for me as well?
        1. “Falling into Grace” and 2. “Tribute”. I hope it can be so. With thanks for your gift and greetings, Thea (Netherlands) –

        • Kristian says:

          Dear Thea. I would be happy to. 🙂 I just need your adress. Thank you very much for your support and I am so happy, that you enjoy the music! The price is 35 € incl. delivery. Kind regards Kristian

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