The Songs

Hidden Land


Hidden Land


Track list:

01 A state of mind

02 Hidden land

03 Come back (Excerpts from Tagores poem “The recall” )

04 Unguarded moment

05 Dreams

06 Lay down my miles

07 While I´m standing here

08 Let your grace

09 Open heart

10 My hearts desire


Moments of Silence

A blend of songs and three Om Namah Shivaya Mantras

Moments of silence cover til itunes, kristian thorsager

Moments Of Silence:


Track list:

01 Moments of Silence

02 Heavenly peace

03 Glory days

04 All answers lie in your Silence

05 Sacred Reunion

06 Moments of Truth

07 Intermezzo

08 Om Namah Shivaya I

09 Om Namah Shivaya II

10 Om namah Shivaua III